Marisa Iozzo

"I considered an osteopath for many years and didn't go.  Finally my massage therapist recommended that I try because there was only so much she could do.  I finally went and am so sorry I didn't do it sooner.  It got to the point that my hip joint was so painful there were times I would be sitting and couldn't get up.  After many pregnancies, the weight of the babies made my body compensate to an unnatural way of walking and then the pain in my hip made me compensate more.  After only 3 treatments the pain was gone; my back was straighter, my hips were aligned, my shoulders were straighter ( less headaches) and I just felt better.  There was absolutely no pressure to come back at designated times. The schedule was my own and I listen to my body to when I need another treatment.  I have felt heard and have always been treated with respect.  I am communicated with during the entire treatment and my consent is always asked for in terms of how much is to be done in the session. Tim is incredibly professional and an excellent osteopath.  

Honestly, my only regret is not doing this sooner. It is so worth the try if anyone is considering osteopathic treatment."

Jenny Speck

"I am new to Osteopath treatments and I was hoping that this would help my knee pain. I was very surprised on how gentle and how effective Tim’s clinic helped after just 1 session! The knee pain dulled and the range of movement greatly improved. After a few sessions I truly noticed how I moved, and now know when I need a session to help with the start of my issue of tightening in my knee …when that starts I know to schedule a treatment. I would highly recommend Osteopath treatment to anyone it is non invasive, gentle movements and it helps! Try it you will be surprised!"

Dawson Shutten

"I do landscape construction so my lower back takes a beating. I had constant pain until I saw Tim. After a couple visits I felt amazing. Way better than any other thing I have tried. It actually fixes the problem, it not just a band-aid, and I feel like I can actually do my job well without pain."

Sheila Vaughan

"I decided to try Osteopathy in the fall of 2023 and my journey continues into 2024. Over the years I have tried different treatment programs because of arthritis and lower back/hip issues but had never experienced Osteopathy. Tim has shown a different way of treatment which has given me back my flexibility and the feeling of all over wellness in my neck/back/hip. The treatment is a full body treatment which focus on problem areas which I have found to be extremely helpful in my mobility. I am very grateful to be on this journey with Tim!"

At Steady Point Osteopathics we rely on our community to spread the word. We have many more testimonies that we wish we could share and may do in the future. Why not come in or book today and let us help you with your health goals and one day have a testimony of your own!