Initial Consultation


(Required before Osteopathic Treatment)

Let us sit down and talk to go over your health history and assess how to approach your specific situation. Our Initial Consultation gives the opportunity to clearly answer any questions as well as to gather more information other than your health history form. Forms and Clinic Policies are also given and explained as to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to your time with us. No Treatment is applied in the Initial Consultation. ( 20 minutes )

Osteopathic Treatment

$66.37 + Tax

(Requires Initial Consultation)

Ostoepathic Manual Therapy is a physical therapy, based on a holistic philosophy of assessment and treatment that follows the principles set by the founder, Dr. A.T. Still. Treatment is conducted through the osteopathic assessment of anatomical relationships and deviations that are expressed by asymmetry, restriction in motion, tissue texture change, and subjective complaints. These dysfunctional findings may effectively interfere with proper bodily function of some or all body systems. The treatment of these findings are done through the application of Osteopathic principles. ( 20 minutes )